I was born in 1958 in Wales, studied photography at Swansea College of Art and came to New Zealand in 1986.  I have been a professional photographer for 25 years and my areas of expertise include public relations and events photography for private companies and government departments, documentary and feature photography for newspapers and magazines, brochures, advertising, product photography, digital imagery, portraits for corporate use, landscapes, architecture and studio still life.  I also produce large installation artworks, exhibition prints and design personalised art and Christmas cards for individuals and corporate clients.

My photographs have appeared regularly in magazines that include; The New Zealand Listener, North and South, AA Directions, New Zealand Gardener, Pacific Wave, New Zealand Geographic, Metro, More, Cuisine, The Waikato Times, The Sunday Star and The Australian.  My images have also appeared in overseas publications and are used for public relations, newspapers, brochures, annual reports, catalogues, and displays.   To date I have had 20 exhibitions of my work in the UK and New Zealand.

I have two wonderful children, a son Taliesin and daughter Tanwen (who are both clever and musically talented) and a fabulous wife of 24 years, Tanya who is also extremely talented, clever and beautiful.

When not working much of my spare time is spent reading fiction and non fiction books,  playing my alto saxophone, making, composing, recording and listening to music, renovating our home and garden, traveling (which I love),  dancing, cooking, entertaining friends, drinking wine, home brewing, watching movies and partaking of various, sporadic forms of necessary exercise to keep in shape.

I have maintained a website since January 2002 at www.treforward.com

Trefor Ward +64 27 4743279 | info@treforward.com | Hamilton, New Zealand


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