Adventures with Greyhounds

Recently Tanya and I took our greyhound Gibson to meet up with a large group of friends and their greyhounds on a lovely weekend trip to Colville on the Coromandel Peninsula.  The whole trip was co-ordinated by Victoria our wonderful GAP (Greyhounds as Pets) person and local accommodation was arranged by John and Maureen.  We all stayed at the wonderful Colville Farm Holidays/White Star Station

Everyone brought a huge selection of delicious waistline expanding food for us all to enjoy.

Tanya, Gibson and I, along with some of the others, stopped at the Admiral Arms on the way up for a refreshing ale and a huge plate of fish and chips whilst some headed straight to Colville. The Taranaki crew were already there, having decided to make a real weekend of it. Really wonderful to welcome Shirley and Derek with Mac and Nellie and Kim and Graeme with Wizard and Lucy. It was lovely to meet up with them again we all appreciated the effort they made and it was lovely to share the hound camaraderie weekend with them all.

Everyone was in by around 2pm and after a quick group photo, change of shoes and finding some warm coats we were off….

Tanya and I with Gibson; Maureen with Bree; Joy with Spud; John and Maureen with Solo and Krissy; Nan and Susan with Sophie and Felix; Kathy and Kevan with Willow and Sparky; Jan and Tom with Yonce, Anne and June with Tina; Sharon and Pete with Cruz and Lettuce; Steve and Shilo with Teddy, Sam and Victoria with Lily plus the Taranaki team.

The weekend consisted of:

Arrive; big walk; massive afternoon tea; let food go down; pre-dinner drinks and nibbles; dinner; drinks; hounds pass out on floor; original poetry recitals plus a reading; more food and drinking; live music; more eating and drinking; humans finally call it a day; morning

breakfast; walk on beach; more food; clean up; and then try to get everything back into the cars.

On the way home Tanya and I detoured via Waitete Bay and then Thames for tea. Everyone had a great weekend.  Gibson was completely wasted for days afterward.


5 thoughts on “Adventures with Greyhounds

  1. Great selection of photos, you did well. How do I get a copy of some ? Me on the horse does not look like part of the group, but I WAS !

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